Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

We want our students to develop a lifelong love for reading at Sunset Park!
Accelerated Reader is a computer-based reading program aimed to motivate students to set and meet reading goals. This program allows students to read a book and take a computerized comprehension test while at school. Points are awarded for each test the student masters. Prizes are awarded for these accumulated points.
This program is for all scholars in grades 1-5. Kindergarten scholars are introduced to the AR program once they have developed fluency with basic sight words (usually about 100 words).
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Each student will be given a point goal and a book level goal for each nine weeks. This goal is based on test scores, class work, and teacher observation. Each student must also maintain an average of 80% correct on the tests taken.

In order to receive the reward, the student must reach all 3 of the goals.

The goals the student must achieve are to achieve points and rewards:

  • 80% average correct or higher
  • At or above the child's book level goal

Each student that reaches these goals will receive the prize for the level that he/she has achieved.

For each student that reaches their goals for the entire year, they will be invited to a special celebration.

For more information, please view the parent handout.

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