Sunset Park Elementary Music Class (K-5):

In Music Class, students will:
♫ Gain understandings about the elements of music---such as beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, pitch, timbre, and form---through analytical listening and performance experiences with each
♫ Practice-toward-mastery the essential music skills for voice, percussion, recorders, and miscellaneous instruments
♫ Study the works of notable composers, through a variety of periods and genres
♫ Apply acquired musical understandings in the creation of motifs and works, through improvisation, composition, and arranging
♫ Discuss music choices using key music vocabulary
♫ Learn proper handling techniques for different instruments and music classroom manipulatives

Music Class Expectations:
 ♫ Be respectful
Be a good listener
Raise your hand to ask or answer questions
 Keep your hands and feet to yourself
 Follow instrument procedures

Other SPES Music Opportunities: Information will be disseminated about each as it is of contemporary interest, and by the respective facilitators.
♫  2nd Grade trip to experience Ballet
 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade trip to experience the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra
 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade recorder instruction
 4th and 5th Grade E.N.C.O.R.E. Chorus, Orff Ensemble, and Recorder Ensemble (three separate groups meeting on three separate mornings)
 4th and 5th Grade OCPS Strings program, facilitated and taught by an itinerant OCPS music teacher
 There are usually also after-school opportunities offered by vendors; look for information to come home from each company at their discretion

School Song: Our school song is "The Eagles of Sunset Park". Students will learn the melody and rhythm through practice in music class, and the lyrics are as follow:

The Eagles of Sunset Park

I know I'll be everything I dream
I'm pointing straight as a laser beam
I'm proud and strong; I'll forever carry on
With you by my side, I can do most anything

(Refrain [2x's]):
Come fly with me, to the horizon
Where our destinies shine bright within our hearts
With our goals in sight, we will soar to new heights
We're the eagles of Sunset Park
The eagles of Sunset Park

Students, I look forward to making music with you!

Parents, we look forward to making music for you!

Musically Yours,

Dr. David Levy
[email protected]